Lutina in 2365.

Lutina Gaspadral was the daughter of Sarlis Gaspadral, the Primarch of Raimon.

In Raimonian culture, it is traditional to hold a death celebration when a person learns that their death may be imminent. When she was five, Lutina first met Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Stargazer during the death celebration of her grandfather, the Primarch at that time. She had a crush on Picard and he gave her a small model of the Stargazer which she wore around her neck until she saw him again in 2365. This time, he was on Raimon to attend the death celebration of her father.

Her father wanted to tell Picard that he was going to terminate a mining contract that Raimon had with the Federation, but he was murdered before he had a chance to do so. Both Picard and Lord Tardol were at the scene of the crime and were initially blamed for the murder, but it was actually committed by Lutina who had turned the toy Stargazer into a weapon that hid a blade. She wanted to be Primarch herself and wanted to keep friendly relations with the Federation. She had lured Tardol there hoping that he would be blamed for the murder while Picard's attendance was simply an unfortunate coincidence.

Counselor Troi was able to deduce her guilt from watching tapes of her behaviour at the death celebration the night of the murder. Picard confronted her and got her to confess to the crime while the prosecutor of the case was hidden nearby and could hear what was going on. (TNG comics: "Return to Raimon", "Murder, Most Foul")

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