The Lyra Galaxy was a galaxy in the Lyra constellation known to the Q. The Lyra Galaxy was destroyed by a singularity. One of Lyra's star systems was known for its plasma storms. (VOY - String Theory novel: Evolution)


In 2375, Q showed Lieutenant Tom Paris and Ensign Harry Kim of the Federation starship USS Voyager a newspaper reporting Lyra's demise and that the Nacene were to blame. Q bemoaned the plasma storms had been lovely. (VOY - String Theory novel: Evolution)



Stars, systems and objects of the Lyra constellation
3 Lyrae (Alpha Lyrae, Vega)10 Lyrae (Beta Lyrae, Sheliak)14 Lyrae (Gamma Lyrae)Aladfar (20 Lyrae, Eta Lyrae)Alpha Lyrae (3 Lyrae, Vega)Beta Lyrae (10 Lyrae, Sheliak)Eta Lyrae (Aladfar, 20 Lyrae)Gamma Lyrae (14 Lyrae)Lyra GalaxySheliak (10 Lyrae, Beta Lyrae)Tau LyraVega (3 Lyrae, Alpha Lyrae)

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