See Uhura for other articles with titles that contain, either by relationship or by coincidence, this character's surname.

M'Umbha Makia Uhura was a female Human in the early 23rd century, the mother of Nyota Uhura. (Star Trek II Biographies), (

In the Crucible continuity, Uhura died sometime in 2267, and her daughter wore a black armband as a symbol of her mourning. (TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose)

In 2271, Uhura agreed to help Admiral James T. Kirk conduct a covert fact-gathering mission on Indalo Station, by becoming the nominal head of a false freighting corporation called Uhura Enterprises. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: Shadows of the Indignant)

This story did not use the first name M'Umbha.

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