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Lieutenant, (jg) M'yra was a Starfleet science officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-A in the 2280s.


M'yra signed aboard the Enterprise shortly after its commissioning in 2287, and quickly proved to be a popular crewmember aboard ship. She even had enough courage to challenge Captain Spock to a number of three-dimensional chess games, but lost all of them. Following a chess defeat by Spock, she struck up a friendship with Commander Hikaru Sulu. (TOS comic: "The Return!")

She found herself attracted to Sulu and would often argue with Kathy Li over the affections of Sulu. (TOS comics: "Repercussions", "Fast Friends", "Cure All") Sulu noticed the tension between the two women, and following a tense situation in the turbolift, ordered the two women to settle their differences or they would be transferred off the ship. (TOS comic: "The First Thing We Do...")

Just before the Enterprise left Earth following the trial of Captain James T. Kirk, M'yra transferred to the science vessel, USS Einstein. (TOS comic: "Trial and Error!")


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