MaTara was a male Payav of the planet Mestiko in the 23rd century. A military officer, maTara held the rank of colonel as of 2267, and was assigned as the commanding officer of the Jo'Payav, Mestiko's first warp drive vessel. That same year, maTara conspired with Klingon Commander Kor to sabotage Federation efforts to repair Mestiko's damaged ecosphere, in return for promises to relocate him and his family off-world. On Kor's orders, maTara attempted to knock a Federation satellite from orbit and destroy the Norrb Refugee Center. He was stopped by his co-conspirator, Norrb Councillor Traal, who destroyed the Jo'Payav.

MaTara's betrayal was covered up following his death, as he was hailed as a hero and honored with a memorial in Mestiko's Space Central. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Centre Cannot Hold)

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