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History Lesson is a Star Trek: The Next Generation comic, the first issue of IDW Publishing's The Space Between miniseries, and the first ever Star Trek comic published by IDW. The comic was written by David Tischman with art by Casey Maloney, and was initially released in January 2007, with a reprint in the omnibus of the series in September of the same year. The story, set in 2364, features the USS Enterprise-D visiting the planet Tigan, where the crew find themselves involved in a political and technological conspiracy that has seen Tigan history continually rewritten.

The USS Enterprise-D over Tigan, a traditionally isolationist world, Captain Jean-Luc Picard talks with the Tigan Chancellor, thanking him for the opportunity for contact. Commander Riker selects Data and Tasha Yar for the away team to the planet.

On the bridge Geordi La Forge detects a brief energy pulse from the planet. Awaiting their escort Picard fills in the away team on the unidentified energy readings, warning them to stay alert. They are met by Edic, who leads them to meet the Tigan Chancellor. En route Edic explains the Tigans impressive power facility, the gravimatrix, and about the Tigan neurological communications system which downloads information straight to the Tigans cerebral cortexes via minute tachyon bursts.


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Crisis of Consciousness

TOS Crisis of Consciuousness
By Dave Galanter
The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise is completing a treaty mission with the Maabas, a peaceful alien race not native to the star system they currently inhabit, as descendants of refugees from a great war long ago. Several hundred thousand Maabas once took shelter on their new world, and have now been here for mil­lennia. They do not travel the stars, but seek to explore from within. The Federation’s interest is in the Maabas’s great intellec­tual resources — their science, while behind in some areas, excels in others, and their philosophy is in line with that of the Federa­tion. But just as the pact is signed, the Enterprise is attacked by an unidentified vessel. Enough force is shown to keep the alien assailants at bay, but a new danger arises. Their mysterious foes are the Kenisians — a race that used to inhabit the Maabas’s chosen world thousands of years ago, and who now want to take it back.

IDW Publishing


Resistance (New Visions)
By John Byrne
One word: Borg!

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