The Makers were an alien race of beings native to the Andromeda Galaxy who rose to prominence countless centuries ago. They developed into a highly advanced civilization who gained the ability to create android servants. At some point, they gained an interest in an exploration initiative to the Milky Way Galaxy where they intended to make contact with the natives out of curiosity. For their journey, they scouted worlds where they established several outposts for further explorations of the local systems. Amongst the worlds they discovered was the lifeless planet that became known as Galor IV which became one of their first outposts.

Upon the discovery of the planet, the Andromedan Makers dispatched a ship of androids to turn the world for more productive purposes. The androids later established the necessary facilities on the hostile planet and their creators prepared to join them to begin their exploration initiative of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, at this point, the sun of their homeworld went into nova and destroyed the planet. This severed all contact between the Andromeda Galaxy and Galor IV which left the androids purposeless and without guidance. All that remained of the Makers was several sites of archaeological interest to the United Federation of Planets when they settled the planet. (Decipher module: Worlds)

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