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Manolet Dayrit was a male Human serving in Starfleet in the 24th century. He was born in the Philippines on Earth, and had at least one sister.

Early in his career, he served on the USS Discovery. As of 2371, he held the rank of lieutenant, and served as chief of security aboard the USS Hood, remaining a member of the crew during the Dominion War. Of the senior officers who served under Captain Robert DeSoto during that period, Dayrit was the only one who did not die during the war or leave Starfleet afterwards.

By 2376, Dayrit had risen to the rank of captain, and commanded the USS Musgrave. While under his command, the Musgrave ferried Ambassador Worf from Qo'noS to Starbase 23. (TNG - The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella: The Final Artifact)

Dayrit's Musgrave also escorted Lieutenant Arex Na Eth and Department of Temporal Investigations agent Stewart Peart to the planet Edos before Peart realized that they were supposed to be going to Triex. (NF short story: "The Road to Edos")


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