Marak was a Cardassian gul in command of the Galor-class vessel Swift Striker, and a member of the Revanche party. In 2370, Marak's starship arrived at Deep Space 9, where he demanded Commander Sisko turn the station over to him on behalf of a new Cardassian government, led by the Revanche. Gul Marak was the cousin of another Marak, who was the deputy to the new war minister. There was also another Marak in office (with the government at that time), who was on the Loyalty Investigation Board. These other two Maraks were also members of the Revanche party. While docked at DS9, Gul Marak tried to convince some of the ambassadors that were present for a trade conference (such as those of the Klaestron and Orion civilizations) that they would benefit more if Cardassians were to regain control of the Bajor sector. He even sent his own armed crewmen aboard DS9 to search for Berat, despite being ordered by Sisko not to bring any weapons aboard. (DS9 novel: Betrayal)


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