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Maras was an Orion female of the mid-22nd century. She was an Orion slave girl and a sister of Navaar and D'Nesh.

As a young woman Maras began to develop a pheromone potential and a level of intelligence that surpassed that of her sisters. Maras realized that her powerful pheromones coupled with her intelligence would make her a threat to her sisters. Maras deliberetly performed poorly in school all while reading the books her mother kept and never bothered to read as well as scouring the information networks for knowledge. Maras played the role of a slow, dimwitted girl, her act was so convincing that her sisters kept her around instead of selling her as a slave to another race such as the Klingons. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

The three sisters were supposedly purchased from a slave market on Verex III by Harrad-Sar and kept aboard his ship. On 27 December, 2154, they danced for Captain Jonathan Archer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and two MACOs in a meeting between them and Harrad-Sar. Then they were presented as gifts to Archer as part of a magnesite mining deal.

In reality, it was part of a plot to disable the NX-class starship Enterprise and capture Archer for the Orion Syndicate. The three sisters used their potent pheromones to manipulate the Human male officers and crew and put them into a state of aggression and delusion. Maras assisted Navaar and D'Nesh in their efforts. (ENT episode: "Bound")

Maras would later assist Devna in her efforts to make up for the failure of her mission to start a war between the Federation and the Mutes. Maras told Devna that as a fellow quiet girl they needed to stick togehter. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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