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Margie was a 24th century Human woman, a member of Starfleet who served aboard the USS Cochrane in the mid-24th century. She was a friend of Security Chief Darryl Adin, who called her "Margie", and she called him "Dare".

Margie was a member of an away team led by Adin that visited New Paris on Turkana IV in the year 2352. They rescued Tasha Yar from a rape gang led by Hafe, and Margie used a tricorder to determine that Tasha was Human. She determined that the people on the world spoke a degraded form of the English language and surmised that the planet was a lost and failed Earth colony. (TNG novel: Survivors)

Survivors was written prior to the TNG episode: "Legacy", which elaborated on Tasha's background and canonically named her home planet and city.


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