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For other uses, see Curie.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie (November 7, 1867 - July 4, 1934) was a Polish physicist and chemist who lived during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was the co-discoverer of radiation on Earth.

In 1943, a film entitled Madame Curie was made about in her life in which she was played by the British actress Greer Garson. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows)

A holographic simulation of Curie was among the historical personality profiles which The Doctor studied in 2373, during his attempt to expand his personality subroutines. (VOY episode: "Darkling")

The 24th century Federation Type-15 shuttlepod Curie and the Type-6 shuttlecraft Curie, both assigned to the USS Enterprise-D, were named in her honor. (TNG episodes: "Evolution", "Parallels", "Lower Decks") The same was true of the Nebula-class starship USS Curie and the Merian-class starship USS Curie. (TNG video game: Armada II; VOY novel: Full Circle)

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