Martin Mansur was a male human cultural specialist in the 24th century. He was an advocate of a philosophy of complete self-sufficiency, and his works on that theme earned him accolades and fame on a thousand worlds. Unknown to most, Mansur had built his work largely on the ideas of colleague and one-time friend Dr. Carol Abramowitz.

In 2376, Mansur visited the planet Vrinda. There, he took the schematics for an astral projection device created by Menzala Trivere of the planet's ruling Elite, and gave them to the opposing Nasnan. Mansur was later accused of murdering Trivere, though it was eventually proved that Trivere had faked his death.

Mansur was subsequently turned over to Federation authorities aboard the USS Sugihara, having suffered a mental breakdown during his time on Vrinda. (SCE eBook: Age of Unreason)

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