The Mauk-to'Vor is a Klingon ritual that allows a Klingon to kill a wrongfully disgraced sibling to restore their honor in the afterlife and ensure their entry into Sto-vo-kor. The ritual requires adanji incense and is carried out when one sibling plunges a mevak dagger into the other's chest. (DS9 episode: "Sons of Mogh", TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

The Klingons of the mirror universe also recognize the Mauk-to'Vor. In 2375, Kurn wanted to have Intendant Kira Nerys kill Worf, who had been dishonored by having been captured by the Terran Rebellion, through Mauk-to'Vor. (DS9 - Mirror Universe novel: Saturn's Children)

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