Mayev was a Shirn scientist who had once been in charge of the Daralis Project.

In 2372, Mayev assisted Jadzia Dax in providing her information about Shirn society and the Daralis Project after Benjamin Sisko was put on trial by the Shirn for interrupting a test of the Daralis Project and killing its test pilot, Garra Pol. When Miles O'Brien discovered Pol could be alive, Mayev attempted to stop him, as he had come to see the Daralis Project as being a hindrance to Shirn society, a society still suffering from the effects of poverty and starvation due to scientific endeavors receiving priority. Mayev was stopped by Jadzia Dax and taken into custody. Sisko warned Koth to take heed of Mayev's warnings. (DS9 comics: "Risk, Part One", "Risk, The Conclusion")

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