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The McAuliffe (NCC-1647/11) was a Class F shuttlecraft assigned to the Federation starship USS Farragut in the 23rd century.


During a survey mission of Delta Vega, Farragut science officer Perez used the McAuliffe to chart the mountain ridges of the planet in the search for water. After many passes, Perez discovered a kilometer-wide canyon which contained water. (ST calendar: Ships of the Line 2006)

During her service career, the shuttle McAuliffe transported a survey team to the surface of a class M planet which was home to the Scintilla civilization. (ST calendar: Ships of the Line 2012; ST reference: Ships of the Line)

The McAuliffe visited starbase Vanguard during its construction in the early-2260s. (VAN novel: Declassified)



The shuttlecraft was named in honor of Christa McAuliffe, the astronaut and school teacher who died with crew of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986.


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