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The Meclanti was a cybernetic intelligence encountered in the 23th century by Starfleet. Operating on a type of logic that was completely its own it did not recognize any other intelligence it encountered because of differences in behavior and actions. Rather it classified most of the universe outside itself as 'random' and as a result caused a number of incidents with other species in its search for energy to sustain itself.

It is suggested during first contact with the Meclanti that the ship encountered was 'manned' by several Meclanti intelligences due to the internal communication that was detected on it.

They have a language that was completely alien and could not be easily translated by a universal translator. Even their exact name was unknown, with the name "Meclanti" given to them by Sturek, naming them after a Josef Meclanti; 22nd century revolutionary in the field of cybernetics.

In 2288, when the USS Enterprise-A is patrolling the Klingon Neutral Zone with the USS Truong, the Meclanti destroy the Truong near the Javik VI colony. They then proceed to attack Kurat I, a hospital site under the command of Commander Vor, who wants no harm to come to the Klingon patients. David Forester is able to stop the attack by mimicking the Meclanti, and then using diplomacy. He and his crew also stop the destruction of the the Kurat sun by Klingons, which would have destroyed everything in the system, including the Enterprise and the Meclanti.

Afterwards Starfleet apparently assisted the Meclanti with locating a world with the right mineral quantities where it could settle down.

(TOS video game: Starfleet Academy)

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