The medical log of the USS Enterprise was recorded by Doctor Leonard McCoy and others between the years 2245 and 2285.




Entries made in the year 2269.

Medical Log, Stardate 6914.6, Dr. Leonard McCoy reporting:
It's been ten days since the return of the survey party from Delta Gamma Four, and as yet the survivors have not regained consciousness. Included among the survivors were both the Captain and the First Officer. Three members of the survey party - Security Officer Jamison, Security Officer Matthews, and Medical Technician 2nd Miriam Raymond - have all died of massive cerebral breakdown due to spore infestation. I've been able to rid the remaining survey team members of the spores, and there is no evidence of brain damage in any of them, yet there remains this strange coma, for which I have no explanation... (TOS novel: Death's Angel)


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