Melony was a powerful being who had existed for a very long time, possibly as long as the universe. She used to be fascinated by everything, but eventually she grew bored. She was described as having long black hair, pale skin, and "her eyes were a remarkable cobalt blue". She might be more powerful than the Q Continuum, or at least Q, who was unable to stop the Maelstrom. (TNG novel: I, Q)

I, QEdit

She met Q at Times Square, during a New Year celebration, who thought she was a Human, wondering about humanity's future. Right after midnight, explosives planted by a terrorist organization were detonated, "one for each century", until Q had enough and stopped the explosions. He found her body, apparently dead. After the Maelstrom devoured the Q Continuum, Q threw a message in a bottle, containing the plot of I, Q through the Maelstrom, where Melony found it and read it. After reading it, she found Q, or "q" in the story, who had went into the Maelstrom, and sent him back after writing Q a message and telling q to tell Q "that Melony says hello". When q returned on the Federation Starfleet starship USS Enterprise-D's holodeck, this news stunned Q to a degree that its CO, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, had never seen. (TNG novel: I, Q)

Maelstrom connectionEdit

Melony might have been responsible for the Maelstrom in the first place, being bored with the universe. She though that "wouldn't it be nice to have a peaceful end to it all?" and that "it was time". Also, she had the ability to stop the Maelstrom and restore Q, Female Q, or "Lady Q" , and Picard, who was killed along with Lieutenant Commander Data, to the Enterprise. (TNG novel: I, Q)

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