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Space Seeds Corroney

Space Seeds is a Star Trek: The Next Generation comic, the fifth issue of IDW Publishing's The Space Between miniseries. The comic was written by David Tischman with art by Casey Maloney, and was initially released in May 2007, with a reprint in the omnibus of the series in September of the same year. The story, set in 2365, sees the USS Enterprise-D visiting the The Armada, an agricultural colony, the try and find out why the colony has been suffering crop failures.

A game of Poker. Commander William T. Riker lays down his cards and waits to see his opponent's hand. Wesley Crusher puts down a full house and cheerfully pulls the winnings to his side of the table until... he is interrupted by the disembodied voice of Commander Riker, calling him to join an away team. Crusher ends the holodeck program and heads for the transporter room.

In one of The Armada's domes Picard and Riker talk to a farmer, Hommun, as they inspect a crop. Like the quadrotriticale, plomeek, and uttaberries all over The Armada it is brittle as glass and utterly inedible. Data reports initial scans indicate cellular breakdown of the minerals in the soil.


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