A memory unit was a type of computer hardware used in Federation computer systems in the 23rd and 24th centuries, used for storing data. The type of memory unit in general use in the 2370s was the fiftieth or sixtieth generation of the type of unit first used in the 2350s.

In late 2376, Recreational Station Hidalgo had a twenty year old, fourth generation memory unit installed in its control center. This unit allowed a tribblecom to invade the station's systems, blocking memory space, causing widespread malfunctions, and allowing an invasive superworm to take control of life support systems. (SCE eBook: Identity Crisis)

Computer data storage
Portable media compact discdata carddata recordflash drivefloppy diskisolinear chipisolinear rodmemory unitmicrotapemicrotape diskoptolythic data rod

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