Menen was an elderly male who resided on Deneva in the 2260s.

When neural parasites infected Deneva in 2267, Menen and a young girl named Aurelan barrackaded themselves inside the colonies communications center. They were eventually rescued by Captain James T. Kirk and a landing party from the USS Enterprise, and transported up to the ship's sickbay for immediate medical attention.

Once aboard ship, Menen informed Kirk about the neural parasites and their arrival on Deneva four months earlier. When Kirk told Menen that Commander Spock had been infected by the parasites, Menen demanded that Spock be killed.

One of the many people taken over by the parasites, included Menen's son, Noban. (TOS novelization: Operation -- Annihilate!)

In the broadcast episode it was Aurelan and Peter Kirk that were rescued by Kirk. However, the novelization makes no connections to Kirk, and replaces the characters with Menen and Aurelan.

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