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When Captain Kirk is knocked unconscious on a mission to a pocket universe, Lieutenant Uhura must assume command of the mission and find a way to return the crew to their own universe.



Nyota UhuraJames T. KirkHikaru SuluCormanChristine ChapelSpockMontgomery Scott

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS EnterpriseColumbus


Huygen Cluster

Technology and weaponsEdit

universal translator

Ranks and titlesEdit

captaincommand branchcommunications officercrewmanlieutenantnursepilot

Other referencesEdit

communication officer's logpocket universe


Significant eventsEdit

This comic marks the destruction of the shuttlecraft Columbus.


Star Trek Unlimited comics
#1 ("Directives" & "Dying of the Light") • #2 ("Action of the Tiger" & "The Unkindest Cut") • #3 ("Message in a Bottle" & "Sins of the Fathers") • #4 ("None But the Brave" & "Inheritance") • #5 ("Secret Lives" & "As Flies to Wanton Boys ") • "Heart of Darkness" • "An Infinite Jest" • #8 ("The Boy", "The Warrior" & "The Veteran") • "Trekkers" • "A Piece of Reaction"


Published Order
Previous comic:
The Unkindest Cut
The Original Series
(Unlimited, Issue 2)
Next comic:
Sins of the Fathers
Previous story:
The Unkindest Cut
Stories by:
Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton
Next story:
Sins of the Fathers
Chronological Order
Previous adventure:
Action of the Tiger
Memory Beta Chronology Next adventure:
None But the Brave

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