When Captain Kirk is knocked unconscious on a mission to a pocket universe, Lieutenant Uhura must assume command of the mission and find a way to return the crew to their own universe.

Log entriesEdit

  • Communications officer's log, stardate 5989.6. 
    While charting the remote Huygen cluster, the Enterprise has encountered a curious spatial phenomenon.
    What initially appeared to be a wormhole is in fact the entrance to a pocket universe a fraction the size of our own.
    The regular bursts of quantum matter within it seem to contain repeated, structured phrases... an indecipherable language of pure energy...
    Captain Kirk has assembled a landing party to run the gauntlet between the quantum discharges. We are to investigate the anomaly and if so, to communicate with it.
  • Acting captain's log, Lieutenant Uhura reporting. 
    We are nearing the entrance to the pocket universe. In the absence of Captain Kirk, I will initiate First contact procedure should it become necessary.
    Until I hear otherwise, from Mr. Spock, the welfare of this mission and crew are my responsibility.
  • Acting captain's log, supplemental. 
    I'm returning to the primary cluster at the heart of the anomaly. If I'm right, it could be the key to sending a distress signal back to the Enterprise.
    I plan to use one of the quantum pulses as a carrier for the signal. However, this entails making contact with the being's consciousness.
    After the way it treated the shuttle, I rate my changes somewhere between slim and none, but I have to try...
    ... I don't think I've ever felt so alone.



Nyota UhuraJames T. KirkHikaru SuluCormanChristine ChapelSpockMontgomery Scott

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS EnterpriseColumbus


Huygen Cluster

Technology and weaponsEdit

universal translator

Ranks and titlesEdit

captaincommand branchcommunications officercrewmanlieutenantnursepilot

Other referencesEdit

communication officer's logpocket universe


Significant eventsEdit

This comic marks the destruction of the shuttlecraft Columbus.


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