The Meuse was a Federation Starfleet shuttlecraft active in the late 24th century.


In the 2380s decade, it was attached to the starship USS Aventine.

In the year 2386, the Meuse was used by Captain Ezri Dax to try and regain control of Aventine from renegade Starfleet officer Rear Admiral William T. Riker, who had been under the influence of the engimatic race known as the Cytherians. However he was able to override her commands and forced her to abandon her plan.

Later on, Aventine first officer Commander Sam Bowers and chief engineer Lieutenant Mikaela Leishman used the Meuse to deliver USS Enterprise-E Captain Jean-Luc Picard and a holographic avatar of Riker to the Far Embassy during an engagement between Aventine, Enterprise and USS Titan against the ships controlled by seven other renegades. On its return trip, the shuttle found itself unable to safely enter Aventine's hangar, because the ship was maneuvering too eratically due to the battle still raging on, and the shuttle's remaining two occupants were beamed out instead.

Seconds later, Meuse was destroyed by weapons fire from several of the renegade ships, who had thus far held back due to an implanted imperative not to kill or cause bodily harm, but were free to act now that the shuttle was empty. (TNG novel: Takedown)


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