Michael Corbett was a Human male who lived in the late 23rd century. He was a pirate.

On Miromar II, Corbett worked as an enforcer for a minor racketeer and was famous for his good luck, especially in gambling. One day, he placed a bet at high odds on a krill-beast race and won. Thinking that he had inside information on the races and wasn't sharing it, his angry boss offered a reward for Corbett's death. Luckily, the Werewolf had recently landed and agreed to hire him.

Corbett joined the pirate ship's boarding party, and though he was completely amoral, he treated the piracy and murder as nothing more than business. He considered his fellow crew who enjoyed killing to be unprofessional, and disliked them for it. He just followed orders and did his job well.

In reference stardate 2/1412 (circa 2273), Corbett was aged 27, short at 5'9" and stocky of build. He had curly black hair and green eyes. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

The text begins with Miromar II, and then says the Werewolf landed on Miromar III. It is assumed that the second Miromar is in error.

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