Minimax Opticon Corporation (abbreviated as MmxOpt) was a business that produced optical aids within the United Federation of Planets and operated in the late 23rd century. It was chartered by the Orion Colonial Securities Board and founded on Stardate 2/2206.07. The home office of the company was stated to had been on Rigel VIII though its actual headquarters was at Starbase 12.

It was one of the latest as well as most secretive of the front organizations established by Starfleet Intelligence that was actually chartered by the Orion government. This corporation marked a significant breakthrough in the use of front organizations and the secrecy of their existence. Part of its duties included providing cover identities for Starfleet Intelligence agents and specialized in providing them such roles in the merchant trader fields. Deep cover agents were required to possess a SECLAR level 5 at minimum in order to use this front business.

The CEO of the Minimax Opticon Corporation was Captain M.G. Baca who held the position of Orion Sector Chief of Field Operations. One of its divisions included Minimax Manufacturing which produced optical aids and was headed by Commander John B. MacLaughlin. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

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