The Ministry of Reformation (or Reformation Ministry) was an agency of the government of the Lisqual province on planet Betrisius III, responsible for the reformants (convicted criminals) of Lisqual society. As such, they maintained control of the reformants' neural mediators and directed their behavior while they served out their sentences.

Dolanara was a prominent member of the Ministry of Reformation in 2376, but left because of concerns about abuses of reformants' rights, and that those abuses were being hidden from the United Federation of Planets, which had recently come in first contact with Betrisius and was discussing membership. When Dolanara took control of the reformants from the Ministry, two other members, Minister Qrana and Doctor Luluma, served as liaisons to the crew of the USS da Vinci in order to regain control. (CoE eBook: Turn the Page)

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