Mira Antliae is a star with an associated star system in the constellation of Antlia, located in the space of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. Denoted by its name as a Mira type variable star, Mira Antliae was a class M red giant and was the location of a number of planets, including the fifth planet, the mining world Dytallix B. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")

The star's name has the notation of a variable star, with a descrptor and the constellation's genitive name. However, no stars with this makeup have been so named in "real life".


  • Mira Antliae primary
    • Mira Antliae I
    • Mira Antliae II
    • Mira Antliae III
    • Mira Antliae IV
    • Dytallix B


Stars, systems and objects of the Antlia constellation
Eta AntliaeMira Antliae: Dytallix BRY Antliae

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