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The mok'bara is a Klingon form of martial arts, similar to Tai Chi.

Curzon Dax was a lifelong student of the mok'bara. (DS9 - Avatar novel: Book Two)

Worf's mother, Kaasin, had also been a mok'bara master, and taught classes while on Khitomer. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

As an adult, Worf became a master of the mok'bara, and led sessions aboard the USS Enterprise-D. One of his best students was Ensign T'Mor. (TNG - Perchance to Dream comic: "By a Sleep to Say We End")

Deanna Troi was also a student of Worf's, and reached the rank of chu'wI'Hey, or advanced novice. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: The Insolence of Office)

In 2373, Worf began to teach Alexander Rozhenko mok'bara as a way to control Alexander's anger. (DS9 - Day of Honor novel: Honor Bound)

After Worf returned to the USS Enterprise-E in 2379, he resumed teaching mok'bara classes. (TNG novel: Q & A) He provided a private session to Lieutenant Jasminder Choudhury after she took interest in him. {ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)


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