The mok farr is an important Vulcan ritual for those coming of age and a rite of passage into adulthood.

It is a rite of passage which involves the individual undertaking to seek out the most dangerous beast of all; namely the Mok Farr ritual itself which is considered a time of remembrance.

Despite it being considered a form of 'hunting', it involves no killing. Instead, the Vulcan must mind meld with an animal. The purpose of this ritual is for the Vulcan to understand the savage ferocious emotions of the animal which reminds the individual of the Vulcan peoples own violent emotions. This is a firm reminder of why emotions must be repressed, hidden and controlled.

Once the ritual is complete, the Vulcan in question is officially considered an adult. Those Vulcans whose telepathic skills were not strong enough could not participate in the ritual, would have to accomplish the Mok Farr at a later date. (TOS short story: "The Hunting")

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