Molor in 2409.

Molor son of Markag was an ancient Klingon warrior who lived during the Heroic Age and was the sworn enemy of Kahless the Unforgettable.


The Man: Lord of an Empire Edit

He had two sons namely Starad and Yatron who would, on occasion, lead armies into battle to ensure their fathers dominance of much of Qo'noS.

His empire was centered around the fortress of Qa'yarin.

During the latter years of Kahless's rebellion, Molor would be stricken down with a plague that had spread among the minn'hor beasts. This would be a remarkable case for the tyrants doctors had informed him that the chances of anyone suffering from an infection from the plague was one in a thousand. Still, Molor led his crumbling empire in an effort to contain the rebellion that was slowly reaching his fortress.

Kahless would eventually make siege on the fortress of Qa'yarin. Using knowledge of the citadel's layout form his years as Molor's warchief, Kahless and Morath broke into Molors inner sanctum where they discovered the pale, mottled, weak form of Molor. He explained to the intruders of his situation and displayed disgust at his condition. Kahless, being the honourable warrior that he was, gave his d'k tahg to Molor in order for the tyrant to kill himself before Kahless's followers did so.

Molor commented on how noble a gesture that was as well as how foolish it was and attempted to use the blade to kill his former warchief. Morath, however, took the blade to the chest. In rage, Kahless killed his former master with his bat'leth by decapitating him. He took the severed head to the roof of the fortress where he told the combatants below that the tyrant was dead after which he threw the head from the roof where it impacted the ground. Molors reign as the ruler of Qo'noS finally had ended. (TNG novel: Kahless)

Legacy Edit

Despite his infamy, Molor had shrine dedicated to him that his followers would visit in the 2250s. It was near the Orions' embassy/outpost on Qo'noS.(DSC episode: "Will You Take My Hand?")


Quotes Edit

  • "Strike swiftly and unexpectedly, like a bird of prey, and show not an ounce of mercy."

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