Mona Luvsitt was a character in the holographic program Julian Bashir, Secret Agent.

In the context of the holosuite program, Mona Luvsitt was supposedly Julian Bashir's valet, although she spoke seven languages, possessed degrees in chemistry, physics, and biology and could fly jets and helicopters. Bashir also noted that Mona made an excellent martini. Luvsitt was killed by Falcon, Hippocrates Noah's hired assassin, when Bashir used the program with Elim Garak in 2372. (DS9 episode: "Our Man Bashir")

In 2385, Shmenge obtained an isolinear chip at Holo-Palooza that was labeled "Mona Luvsitt's Backdoor Code". The code allowed access to more content of the Julian Bashir, Secret Agent program. (DS9 eBook: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found))

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