Moredi was a male Fabrini who lived on the Lorina colony in the 23rd century.

In 2273, Moredi was ordered to assassinate Governess Natira at a rally by Dovraku and his rebels. He decided to plant an explosive device on the Governess' automobile. He almost succeeded, but Natira was rescued by Lieutenant Christopher Lindstrom, although the driver of the vehicle died.

He was later part of a team led by Dovraku to capture a peace delegation on Yonada. Because the rebels had hid in highly radioactive engine compartment of a shuttle that took delegates to the talk, Moredi became seriously ill with radiation poisoning.

After Spock managed to stop Dovraku and take control of the Oracle, he ordered Moredi and the other rebels into the temple. Using the Oracle Spock quickly incapacitated Moredi - who was taken into custody and treated for radiation poisoning. (TOS novel: Ex Machina)

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