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Morgan Kelly was a Human female, who served in the Federation Starfleet as an officer in its early years, in the 22nd century.


Kelly served with distinction during the Earth-Romulan War. After the war has ended, Kelly underwent a transition surgery from male to female. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)

In 2165, following the incapacitation of Lieutenant Ahn Chung-hee on Delta IV, Captain Bryce Shumar and his first officer Commander Caroline Paris selected Kelly to be the new armory officer of the starship Essex.

In May of that year, she led a security team to the Orion transport Rimula-Bero, and escorted the abducted Deltans from the slave ship to the Essex. She did a flawless job and showed quite a restraint despite the Deltan's strong pheromones, but was puzzled when the abductees decided not to press charges against their kidnappers. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

In October of the same year, during the Evacuation of Ardan IV, Kelly was able to save an evacuation shuttle hit by a Klingon bird-of-prey, despite that the shuttle was falling back to the planet surface and the Essex was chasing it into the atmosphere, at task that the ship was not built to handle. During the in the heat of battle, in one of she status reports, she shortened the word "phase cannon" to "phaser", making her one of the first Starfleet officers to use the term. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)

In 2167, the Essex was was caught in a electromagnetic storm over a moon of Mab-Bu VI and was destroyed, when a group of disembodied prisoners tried to escape from their prison. Kelly died with the rest of the crew. (TNG episode: "Power Play")



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In his annotations for "Uncertain Logic", author Christopher L. Bennett stated that he intended this character to be the the sibling of Crewman J. Kelly from Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Vox Sola", but so far there is no official confirmation.


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