Morris Magtronics was a corporation that was located on Sol IV with its head office being located at Palyria. It was founded on Stardate 1/4501.12 and its chartering organization was the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United Federation of Planets.

It quickly became the Federation's leading provider of anti-gravity as well as artificial gravity control systems. The gravitics division was responsible for servicing Starfleet starships as well as those of civilian vessels. Furthermore, it tended to the life support systems of offworld installations as well as zero-gravity facilities. The successes of Morris Magtronics led to the firm being expanded by its corporate leaders and led to the production of weapons such as an improved Photon torpedo delivery system namely the FP-4 on Stardate 2/02.

By the 23rd century, its CEO was Cartwright Morris and it was sub-divided into two divisions namely:

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