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Log EntriesEdit

  • Captain's log, supplemental 
    Lt. Sherwood sustained no permanent damge from the attack on her and the rebellion has been quelled, but two asks remain...



Admiral James T. Kirk • Doctor Leonard McCoyCommander Montgomery ScottLieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu • Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura • Lieutenant Commander Pavel ChekovLieutenant Saavik • Commander BallorEnsign William Bearclaw • Ensign Nancy BryceGeneral DectonCaptain Phillip HodgesKonomLoracLylla • Lieutenant Elizabeth Sherwood

Starships & VehiclesEdit

USS EnterpriseUSS Valor


Beta Epsilon VI

Races & CulturesEdit


Technology & weaponsEdit

phaserholovision camera

Other referencesEdit

Prime DirectiveRichter scale of Culturecourt-martial



  • Marv Wolfman answers the letters in this issue.


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Deadly Allies
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Who is Enigma?
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Deadly Allies
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Voyages of the
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
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Who is Enigma?


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