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Mu Draconis (also known as Alrakis) is a star system, a quadrinary star. The Mu Draconis quadrinary consists of three type F white stars and one type M red star located in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, 85 light years from Earth in the constellation of Draco. This system is situated near the border of the Ferengi Alliance, in the general vicinity of Epsilon Cygni, 16 Cygni and Sigma Pegasi. (ST reference: Star Charts)

The system has at least one planet, Alrakis. (DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "... Loved I Not Honor More")



Stars, systems and objects of the Draco constellation
11 Draconis (Alpha Draconis)12 Draconis (Edasich, Iota Draconis)13 Draconis (Theta Draconis)14 Draconis (Aldhibain, Eta Draconis)21 Draconis (Alrakis, Mu Draconis)26 Draconis (Pyrithia)33 Draconis (Eltanin, Gamma Draconis)44 Draconis (Chi Draconis)47 Draconis (Omicron Draconis)61 Draconis (Sigma Draconis, Sigma Beta 443)Aldhibain (14 Draconis, Eta Draconis)Alpha Draconis (11 Draconis)Alrakis (21 Draconis, Mu Draconis)Chi Draconis (44 Draconis)Draco Omega 371Draco UrsulaDraco MinoraDraconis systemEdasich (12 Draconis, Iota Draconis)Eltanin (33 Draconis, Gamma Draconis)Eta Draconis (14 Draconis, Aldhibain)Gamma Draconis (33 Draconis, Eltanin)Iota Draconis (12 Draconis, Edasich)Mu Draconis (21 Draconis, Alrakis)Omicron Draconis (47 Draconis)Pyrithia (26 Draconis)Sigma Draconis (61 Draconis, Sigma Beta 443)Theta Draconis (13 Draconis)

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