Muav Haslev was an Andorian scientist responsible for the creation of the trans-shield anode.

In 2275, Haslev defected from Andor to serve the Orions after the Andorians failed to support his research on the trans-shield anode. This defection caused tensions between Andor and Orion to increase resulting in an interstellar incident called the Haslev incident.

Later, Haslev decided he did not like working for the Orions and ran away from them into Federation space. As he attempted to flee Orion pursuit, Haslev used his anode to beam aboard the USS Enterprise. The Enterprise's crew eventually found Haslev and attempted to ship him back to Space Station Sigma One. Haslev was eventually picked up by the ATS Shras after the shuttle he was on suffered from sabotage. Haslev witnessed a battle that pitted the Enterprise and Shras against Haslev's Orion pursuers. After the battle, Haslev was officially taken into custody. (TOS novel: Death Count)

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