Mur'Eq was a renowned Klingon that served as the Emperor of the Klingon Empire.

It was Mur'Eq who decreed that blunted bat'leths should be used for practice, so that warriors would, "kill their enemies and not each other." (VOY episode: "Prophecy")

When the Qu'Vat virus was released, Mur'Eq's descendant, Kor, son of Kaltar, changed his house's name to House of Mur'Eq in order to remind everyone that his family was descended from royalty, despite their status as QuchHa'. (ST novella: The Unhappy Ones)

Emperors of the Klingon Empire
Primary Universe Kahless IKaldonReclawSompekMur'EqK'TrelanKligrokKahrlTodokhKothKrokh the WeakGrannochKahless IVKahless II Klingon Empire
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