Murg was a male Klingon and former leader of First Cadre. (SA comic: "MangHom qaD")

Biography Edit

In 2372, Murg and First Cadre discovered a Danube-class Runabout during their training flight. Murg decided to attack it despite the cease fire between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. He then attacked the runabout. He and his fellow cadets then boarded the runabout only to discover that the crew was on board their Bird-of-Prey. Both ships then went down.(SA comic: "War & Peace")

When Kovold let his guard down, Murg threatened to kill him until B'essa'al told him that Kovold was with her. He and the rest of First Cadre then attacked the Starfleet Academy cadets of Omega Squad with only their Bat'leths. However, Murg ended their fight when Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa invoked personal combat between Kovold and Kamilah Goldstein. He then watched as Kovold and Goldstien fought until Kovold killed her. They were then rescued. (SA comic: "Love & Death")

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SA comic:

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