In an alternate timeline where Earth had been destroyed by the Xindi superweapon in 2154, Mutara was a star system, situated in the space of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant, in the Mutara sector. This system was the location of an attack by the Xindi on a convoy of Human ships carrying refugees to Ceti Alpha V. All ships had been lost by the time the Vulcans responded to the convoy's distress signal. (ENT episode: "Twilight")


Gamma Orionis sector block
Bellatrix sector BellatrixMutara NebulaVorn
Cestus sector Cestus system (Cestus III) • Hotep system
Galdonterre sector Alini system • Galdonterre system (Galdonterre) • Kessik system • Sibiran system
Mutara sector Ceti Alpha system • Mutara Nebula (Mutara system) • Noro system • Scalos systemTRD0720 system • Quadra Sigma system

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