N'Vat was a male Romulan in the 24th century, an agent of the Tal Shiar posing as an archaeology professor in the 2370s decade.


In the year 2371, N'Vat took two of his students, Selke and Terek on a trip to discover the common origins of the various Vulcanoid species in the galaxy. Before embarking on the journey, N'Vat took his students to view the famous Firefalls of Gal Gath'Thong, as he considered the firefalls to be the embodiment of the Romulan heart.

The trio soon journeyed to an unclaimed world on the edge of Romulan space. While there, they encountered a young Vulcan woman named T'Priell, who had deferred her entrance into Starfleet Academy for a year to engage in a similar quest.

N'Vat suggested that they all combine their efforts. After the discovery of advanced technology and an almost extinct Saurian race, Terek revealed himself to be a member of the Romulan Tal Shiar, who hoped to deliver the technology to his masters on Romulus. After the Saurians' technology was destroyed, N'Vat and the three surviving Saurians were left stranded on the planet for the next two years, with Selke being inducted into the Tal Shiar, posing as T'Priell with her katra. (SA - T'Priell Revealed comic: "Origins")