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The NES Victory was an unidentified Hradrian-built L'rah'hane piracy starship before it was captured by the Federation Starfleet starship USS Enterprise. When the New Excalbia Assembly declared sovereignty over the Gibraltar system, the newly-renamed Victory became the flagship of the New Excalbia Navy. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)


On stardate 6097.4, the as-yet unidentified vessel was the flagship of a L'rah'hane pirate fleet operating from the Hradrian robotized supply depot Haversack in the Vara Nebula. The Enterprise disabled five L'rah'hane ships, and tractored them to Outpost Zeta Gibraltar.

On stardate 6099.9, the Excalbian asylum seekers declared sovereignty over Zeta Gibraltar. The Victory and its sister ships were seized by the newly-formed New Excalbia Navy in the name of the New Excalbia Assembly. Admiral Horatio Nelson, an Excalbian facsimile of the historical Horatio Nelson, was put in command of the ship and the Navy. Although he upstaged Starfleet Lieutenant Aidan Ripoll, he requested the Human Catalonian stay aboard as Starfleet liaison officer. Ripoll spend some time aboard the Victory before he returned to the Enterprise.

On stardate 6100.9, the NES Victory was lost with all hands in the battle against the Demiurge. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)

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