Nadol was a male Romulan scientist who lived in the 24th century.

His expertise meant that he proved to be a valuable asset for research missions which was why the rogue Admiral Ratok kidnapped him in 2376 and transported him to his facility within the Briar Patch. This was with the intention of using Nadol's skills in weaponizing the newly acquired Xenophore Seed for use in creating a new Romulan Star Empire hegemony. Nadol's purpose on the project was to revive the alien seed. However, the Xenophore began replicating and escaped containment whilst Nadol came to realize the true extent of the threat. Thus, he locked himself within a room in order to be safe from attacks by the creatures at which point he met Starfleet Ensign Sovok.

Upon meeting the Ensign, he informed him that the organism needed to be completely destroyed before it overwhelmed the galaxy. To that end, he had created a de-naturing agent when he learnt of Ratok's plans that was theoretically capable of stopping the Seed. However, to accomplish this feat, he needed a sample of the Xenophore Seed and tasked Sovok with this mission after providing him with his own passcard that allowed Sovok access to the science wing of the station. Ratok in the mean time had merged with the Xenophore Seed and sent one of these creatures to kill Nadol for his betrayal. Ensign Sovok managed to thwart this attempt and Nadol was successful in providing the agent that was used to eliminate the Xenophore Seed. Afterwards, Nadol and the remaining Romulan survivors were rescued by the USS Enterprise. (TNG video game: Hidden Evil)

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