For other uses, see Singularity.

A naked singularity is a type of quantum singularity that forms without an event horizon, but shares the concept of deviation in space and time found in conventional singularities that form where stars and matter collapse into a black hole.

In 2270, Starfleet detected a naked singularity forming in Federation space, and dispatched Commander Spock and the USS Enterprise to investigate. After spending six weeks orbiting the singularity, it began to close in on itself, and to that date was the only naked singularity to be encountered by Starfleet.

In an alternate version of these events, Spock discovered that the singularity would later expand to destroy the universe within 100 years, and had been caused by a destructive form of time travel being used by physicist Georges Mordreaux. This outcome was averted when Spock used the time distortion device to go back in time and stop the travel from being performed. (TOS novel: The Entropy Effect)

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