The Nalynians were a humanoid species native to the planet Nalyn, which was located behind the Curtain. They looked Human except they had skin that ranged from light to dark blue and dark blue hair, which turned white during old age.

They appear to live as long as some Humans, such as Leonard McCoy, in which they lived from the 23rd century to way in the 24th century.

Their world traveled through the Curtain for one day on the side that was in tune with the rest of the galaxy, and then it would go back behind the Curtain for five days on their side, but on the galaxy's side it would be a hundred years until Nalyn came out again.

First contact was made with the Nalynians in the 22nd century by Jonathan Archer, and again in the 23rd century by James T. Kirk. This time, however, there was a problem with their technology due to something wrong with the Curtain, and if the problem was not solved in a few days on their side, the entire population would starve. Five hundred members came to the galaxy's side to solve the problem with the Brigadoon Project. The problem was solved in the 24th century with the help of Benjamin Sisko and his crew. (ST short story: "Brigadoon")

Known NalyniansEdit

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