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Narak was a male Romulan who lived in the 24th century.

In 2373, he was involved in a mission with his father, Tomalak, working with a splinter group of Maquis on Maurer IV. Narak and some Centurions had been surgically altered to appear as Humans so that the Maquis would not know they were working with Romulans.

When the Maquis discovered Miles O'Brien, his wife, Kira, and Jake Sisko exploring the planet, they brought the small party before Narak. When Narak discovered that Jake was indeed Benjamin Sisko's son, he declared that "my men and I are going to make an example of you!" When Miles O'Brien reacted and attacked one of the Maquis, all of the Starfleet personnel were stunned, but not before Kira was able to get a distress call out. After the attack, Narak pointed out the incompetence of the Maquis, and was forced to kill all of the Maquis when a transmission in Romulan came through from his father.

Narak took Jake to a private location to interrogate him, demanding to know what they'd discovered in their spying, but Jake insisted that the group was there on a botanical expedition. When Tomalak barged in and discovered what was going on, he asked if his son was trying to cause an interstellar incident and stopped the interrogation, telling Narak that if their plan succeeded, then it would be despite the actions of his son.

In the meantime, Tomalak was facing the combined forces of Captain Sisko and Cal Hudson's band of Maquis. These distractions allowed the captured Starfleet personnel to escape and free Jake. During their escape, Narak discovered them and engaged them in hand-to-hand combat, but Jake ran off into the jungle. When Narak went to shoot Jake, Kira got in his way. Tomalak told Narak to not shoot her and that his actions had endangered the mission and dishonored their name. Tomalak ordered his son to dismantle the operation, leaving no trace of their involvement, and to find Jake Sisko.

As Narak chased Jake through the jungle, he ended up falling into a tar pit. Jake stopped running, got a branch and helped Narak to safety. This action forced Narak to rethink his motivations and learn a lesson his father had been trying to teach him. The next morning, after the impasse in space had ceased, Captain Sisko beamed down to the planet with a small away team and found Jake and Narak moving through the jungle together, helping each other. When Captain Sisko went to capture Narak, Jake would not let him, and Narak escaped into the underbrush. Shortly thereafter, he was transported to the Romulan warbird, where Tomalak informed him that they needed to talk. (DS9 comic: "Public Enemies, Private Lives")