The Narisian system was a star system near or within Federation space. The system had at least one inhabited planet - Narisia - along with two asteroid belts and an Oort cloud.

In the late 21st century, Narisia was visited by the Borg, who the Narisians referred to as the "Wise Ones". The Borg Collective had chosen it as one of the worlds in which they would introduce technology at a rapid pace and reap the eventual advances the world would produce. Although they departed several centuries later, the Borg apparently abandoned several captured vessels within the Oort cloud, and departed without warning or notice in the late 23rd century.

One Narisian, Garamet became a test pilot for their world's space program. While on a mission in 2370 to recover technology within the Narisian system, she stumbled upon a derelict B'rel-class Klingon bird-of-prey and moved to claim it, colliding with a second Narisian attempting to do the same. The second pilot was killed, but she was merely injured and the blow to her head caused her implant to malfunction. Without control over her, the Proctors threatened her and her brother Wahlkon, whom she rescued and fled in the bird of prey until it gave out. Eventually, Garamet and Wahlkon abandoned the bird-of-prey and switched to a Federation shuttlecraft which turned out to be from the USS Senzig.

Retired Starfleet Captain Montgomery Scott passed near the system and detected the distress call of the two Narisians and used their shuttlecraft to lure away the Proctors so he could double back and obtain the bird-of-prey, renaming it the Bounty 2. Scott offered to return the two to Narisia, but they insisted they would be killed or taken prisoner. (ST novel: Engines of Destiny)

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