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Star Trek: New Visions is an ongoing comic series published by IDW Publishing. It is written by John Byrne, and instead of featuring original art, it is illustrated by photomontages — still footage from Star Trek: The Original Series episodes with enhanced visual effects added.


  1. "The Mirror, Cracked"
  2. "Time's Echo" and "Sweet Sorrow"
  3. "Cry Vengeance" and "Robot"
  4. "Made Out of Mudd" and "The Great Tribble Hunt"
  5. "A Scent of Ghosts" and "Memorium"
  6. "Resistance"
  7. "1971/4860.2"
  8. "The Survival Equation"
  9. "The Hollow Man"
  10. "Mister Chekov"
  11. "Of Woman Born" and "I sing of arms and heroes"
  12. "Swarm"
  13. The Hidden Face

Unnumbered Story: "Strange New Worlds" (IDW 2013 Star Trek Annual)

Additional Story: "Eye of the Beholder" (Star Trek New Visions Volume 2)

Unnumbered Story: "More of the Serpent Than the Dove" (Humble Bundle Release Issue)

Unnumbered Story "The Cage" (New Visions Special)

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