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Nicholas Martin was a Human Starfleet officer in the early 25th century.

In 2409, Captain Martin was a high-ranking member of Battle Group Omega. He assigned critical missions in the Gamma Orionis sector block and the Pelia sector to Starfleet and allied Romulan personnel. He ordered to investigate Borg activity near NGC-4447. (STO mission: "Assimilation") Afterwards, he sent a ship to investigate more Borg activity in the Burgus system, where the Iconian starship Obex makes an appearance and threatens Starfleet. (STO mission: "The Return") In the Pelia sector, he was shared command of the diplomatic mission to the Undine with KDF Captain K'rav. The Undine rejected the olive branch but first contact was made with the Hylasa, the mystery of the Gekli solved and an Iconian gateway to fluidic space closed. (STO missions: "Fluid Dynamics", "A Light in the Dark")

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